Doors of Boston


About the Doors of Boston

The Doors of Boston series came about as a result of my unbridled love for this beautiful and historic city. I can often be found wandering around Beacon Hill or Back Bay, around the North End and the South End, just admiring and photographing the well-kept brownstones that are iconic to Boston's oldest neighborhoods. Each one is unique in its architecture and design, but they all date back hundreds of years, acting as symbols of the city's past and present character.

I fell for this city long ago, and when I opened my eyes to see the architecture of the homes around me, I couldn't help but to photograph it. What started as a minor obsession on my instagram grew into something more, and now I'm delighted to be sharing this side of my city with you here. I hope you'll find the print or poster that best suits you, so you can bring the beauty of Boston into your own home. Thank you!




Created by: Brittany from Boston